What we are

  • EP India is the Authorised Agent & only Distribution partner for all products of EP Borneo Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) in India. We are committed to bring to the India, the latest & the best technology and international quality products from EP.
  • For over 10 years EP Borneo has been a leading supplier of eco-friendly technology to some of the world's largest and most diverse companies. EP Environmental Products is a Malaysian based company with their environmentally safe products exported to over 23 countries globally.
  • With a combined experience of over 35 years across multiple industries, EP provides the technical know-how and hands-on experience to assist you with any project ranging from the small business owner to multinational companies.
  • Our manufacturing facility in South East Asia specialises in eco-friendly products combined with an environmental accreditation is what defines our unique products as 'earth friendly chemistry'. Everything we do at EP is completely green. EP is 100% Green - from the start to the end product.
  • The EP range of products contain no alcohols or solvents, no CFC's, no VOC's, no synthetic scents or colouring and no harmful toxins. EP products are 100% eco-friendly - tested and proven by International Eco-Friendly Accreditation to ISO standards.
  • Our vide range of Eco-products include EP Ultraseal, EP WPS, EP Waterproofing Supreme, EP Bondex, EP Brick & Tile Cleaner, EP Eco-Kleen, EP Concrete Cleaner, EP Effloresce Remover, EP Safe Hands, EP Wood Sealer, EP Clear Coat, EP Dust & Sand Suppressor.

For a list of our worldwide projects or any information on EP eco-friendly products please email us via our Contact Us page.

EP's Commitment

It is our Endeavour to provide our consumers advance products & world-class service through our authorised applicators across the nation.

Eco-friendly - Environmentally Aware

EP's product range is a unique water-based solution which requires no mixing, no special equipment and no special skills. All products are applied by spray, brush or roll on, whatever is best suited for the job at hand, and best of all their safe for employees and the environment. All of the range has been tested in Laboratories under European Standards and conform to Environmental Protection Agency guidelines from Europe to America, Canada to Australia and also Asia.