EP Products

EP has a complete range of environmentally friendly products to suit your project big or small and within your budget. EP product range is a unique water-based solution which requires no mixing, no special equipment and no special skills. All products are applied by spray, brush or roll on, whatever is best suited for the job at hand and best of all their easy to work with and safe for the skin and safe for our environment. Only water cleanup of tools is required when using EP products. Send us a quick email to see how EP can work with your project.

EP Waterproofing System

  • Specialised polyester polymer system
  • Penetrates into all masonry materials
  • Provides a permanent waterproof barrier
  • For all residential & commercial waterproofing
  • EP Waterproofing System is not a membrane nor surface coating

EP Waterproof Supreme

  • A unique polymer/polyurethane formulation
  • Permanently seals & protects concrete & masonry surface
  • Simple to clean & restore after use
  • Excellent for workshops, factory floors & high use areas

EP Ultra - Seal

  • Designed for more porous masonry materials
  • Penetrates all masonry - finishes with a hard wearing surface
  • Excellent for walls, floors & all masonry
  • Excellent for waterproofing exterior walls

EP Eco-Kleen

  • Concentrated multi-purpose degreaser
  • For cleaning of any surface, machinery, equipment, tools, engines
  • Easy to use
  • Concentrated disinfectant and antibacterial - proven to kills germs by 99.9%

EP Wood Sealer

  • A non-gloss sealer
  • For sealing & protecting exterior hard or soft woods
  • Protects all timber flooring, decking & outdoor furniture

EP Bondex

  • For repairing concrete
  • Add to wet mixes to give better adhesion
  • Added strength & durability to substrates
  • Repair cracking, holes or honey-combing on concrete
  • To stop cracking & shrinkage

EP Concrete Cleaner

  • Removes grease, oil, fats & chemicals
  • Excellent for factories, workshops, garages & etc
  • Restores old concrete back to new

EP Rust Stain Remover

  • Concrete & masonry cleaner
  • Removing rust marks, battery acid staining and masonry stains

EP Efflorescence Remover

  • Removes "Primary Efflorescence" (white fluffy powder)
  • Apply EP Waterproofing System after efflorescence removal to prevent efflorescence from returning

EP Truck, Car & Boat Wash

  • For all general maintenance
  • Cleaning of materials, equipment, parts, engines, bulkheads
  • Oil / grease containers for all automotive, marine & transport industries
  • Highly concentrated & dilutable with local water sources or sea water

EP Block Seal

  • A polymer/acrylic formulation
  • For very porous concrete / cement block work
  • Used in retaining walls or light weight structures
  • Excellent for Aerated blocks

EP Brick & Tile Cleaner

  • Remove stubborn oil, grease, fats & chemical stains
  • Easy to use with no mixing required

EP Clean Hands

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Cleans your hand